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Square and Eventbrite Rentals CALL: 1.800.347.7333

INDUSTRY NEWS: IBM and Apple announce mobile partnership

Last week IBM and Apple announced that they have teamed up for a mobile partnership. The former rivals will be working together on over 100 business apps on a wide range of industries. The apps, slated to be released in the fall of 2014, will feature some of IBM’s data-crunching tools. The partnership is being …

What can the Options Continuation Program do for your business?

A business can go through months of testing before deciding on the best platform for their needs. Then, after expending hours of valuable time and resources, come to find out that the winning platform has been withdrawn by the manufacturer in lieu of a new model. It happens frequently, and is undeniably one of the …

PC market declining slower than predicted, says IDC

The weakening of the traditional desktop may not be new information to those following the technology industry, but it appears that the story does not end there. Recent reports show that the previous prediction of a 6.1 percent decrease in PC shipments from 2013 to 2014 has improved to 6 percent. While a .1 percent …