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The Rise of Lenovo in the Technology Industry | Recertified Lenovo Laptops at IT Xchange

The world’s top-selling PC manufacturer rose to prominence quietly, and took most people in the Western world by surprise. Lenovo was founded in 1984 and quickly became a market leader in its home country. But its sudden growth over the last few years helped it surpass other major manufacturers like Dell, Acer, and – most recently – …

Recertified Lenovo Laptops and Laptop Parts for IT Purchasers

As an IT purchasing director, you are already familiar with the pressure to keep costs down. This often means making IT budgets stretch as far as you can, which can be difficult when the prices of new computers from major manufacturers like Lenovo can be high. Cutting costs in the IT department often leads to …

Navigating recertified Lenovo laptops with touch screens

When touch screens were first introduced to laptops a few years back, most typical computer users found that they were more of a frivolous addition than a necessity. When Microsoft launched Windows 8, however, that perception changed dramatically. Today, touch screens are widely considered to be among the most worthwhile features to help you get …