IT Buyer’s Guide to Buying Recertified Computers

In an effort to constantly give employees the “latest and greatest” hardware, IT buyers risk blowing through their budgets without stepping back to put some thought into the types of computers the organization actually needs. In reality, you’ll find that making wise decisions for your business might mean choosing computers that will get the job done

News in Recertified Lenovo Laptops: New X1 Unveiled to Celebrate 100 Millionth ThinkPad

Originally released by IBM in 1992, the ThinkPad line represents decades of technological innovation. The brand of laptops helped spur Lenovo to acquire the IBM personal computer division in 2005 and has been one of the Chinese manufacturer’s top-selling products ever since. At CES 2015–the annual technology conference held in Las Vegas–Lenovo celebrated shipping the

Recertified Lenovo Servers & Workstations Gain New Product Lineup

Lenovo, the world’s top-selling PC manufacturer, recently announced several new additions to its product line. The new releases include the latest ThinkPad workstation in addition to server systems that are the perfect match for small and medium-sized businesses. Lenovo hardware has a well-earned reputation as a provider of top-notch computing solutions for enterprise use, including