Incorporating ARM Technology into New Lenovo Servers

Lenovo has taken an innovative step toward more efficient computing, with its February 17, 2015 announcement that the company has launched a joint venture to research ARM technology. In collaboration with the UK-based Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre, Lenovo intends to research ways to create a more energy-efficient server that is equipped to

New and Refurbished IBM Hard Drives: Your Options for System X

Searching for hard disk drive options? While looking for hard disk drive storage for Lenovo System X Servers (formally IBM), your options have traditionally been defined in the following ways by IBM: Hybrid Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) These HDDs are said to enhance performance through the utilization of integrated NAND flash. This is for caching

New and Refurbished IBM Server Parts for Lenovo System X in the Channel

Lenovo effectively conquered the PC market a few years ago and is currently the top-selling brand in the world. Never content with letting things get too stagnant, however, the Chinese manufacturer has decided that it wants to become a major player in the enterprise market next. The recent acquisition of the IBM System X server

System X in Lenovo’s Hands: New and Refurbished IBM Server Parts

Over the last several years, Lenovo has consistently made all the right moves to establish itself as a major player in the worldwide PC market. With its relatively recent acquisition of the IBM System X server division, however, the Chinese manufacturer began making strides to transcend its few remaining limitations and truly create a “one-stop