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IT Lifecycle Management: Buy New or Certified Refurbished Computers?

In today’s technologically focused times, IT lifecycle management is an important consideration for businesses from a variety of industries. Ensuring that your hardware remains up to date is essential to maximize the efficiency of your operations. As a result, developing hardware lifecycle guidelines can help your organization manage the replacement of computers and other hardware.  …

When Buying Computers, Consider Certified Refurbished Dell Models

Buying a new computer can be a frustrating ordeal. In most cases, people are not 100% sure about the performance and storage specifications they need and want. Additionally, buying a new computer comes with a high price tag. For those looking for an affordable option when it comes to purchasing computers, it is a good …

Reducing CAPEX with Certified Refurbished Computers

Technology costs can take a big bite of a new business’ budget. Capital expenses can soar when you’re launching a new business, and the cost of computers might be at the top of your list of expenses. Combined with the cost of software licenses for each piece of hardware you purchase, technology-related expenses for business …