We Have Dual-Core Processors, Quad-Core, Octa-Core….18-Core?

Intel’s Innovative Processor Intel recently released a processor featuring an impressive 18 cores – the Xeon E7 v3. This large of a processor is ideal only for enterprise workstation and server environments, offering impressive real-time analytics, which allows businesses to assess and respond to various types of data effectively and efficiently. The Xeon E7 v3

Refurbished ThinkPads and New X1 Carbon are Business Favorites

Ever since Lenovo acquired the ThinkPad line from IBM 10 years ago, it has continued a tradition of excellence that dates back to the early 1990s. These notebooks–while not exactly the flashiest machines on the market–are loved by business users because they are dependable, powerful, and portable. Last year, the brand upset some longtime ThinkPad

Buying Refurbished and Withdrawn PCs: A Burgeoning Market

In order to keep up with advancements and changes in technology, most businesses and consumers buy new devices fairly regularly. The question that is rarely addressed, however, is what exactly should be done with the older hardware that is being replaced. Often, used computers still work perfectly well (and those that don’t may be brought