How Lenovo Can Become the World’s Top Hardware Provider

The goal is to become the number one technology provider for both businesses and consumers. Lenovo, currently the world’s largest PC company, is now aspiring to take the number one spot in every category it serves, particularly PC business, mobile, tablets and servers. The company has set its sights on all verticals from the public sector

Opportunities in the Channel: Servers, Storage, and Services

As small- and medium-sized business proliferate the marketplace, these organizations become an obvious target for technology sales, especially by value-added resellers looking to add to their customer base. These SMBs may not have the funds to invest in expensive pieces of hardware, but they certainly rely on technology to grow and sustain their business. As

Best Practices for Hiring IT: VARs

Hiring IT officers to handle networking, technology, and troubleshooting solutions continues to be a large undertaking. Successful candidates must be highly competent, reliable, quick to respond, and skillful in a wide array of technical fields. Other important characteristics also factor into how well a new IT employee will fit into the corporate culture. Whether you

7 Profitable Practices: A Look Inside Successful VARs

The technology market is constantly evolving, as manufacturers keep streamlining products and releasing ever-changing hardware and software solutions. Whereas the role of the value added reseller (VAR) used to be a little more cut and dry, keeping one of these companies relevant today is much more difficult and requires creative thinking and quite a bit