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Do You Know How to Sell to Millennials?

Selling to millennials: Are you using the right approach? A new qualified lead has reached out to you. After a review of their social media profile, you realize that you will be selling to someone who is the same age as your son or daughter. Millennials are now in the position to make purchasing decisions

How to Partner and Prosper in the Channel

How to Partner & Prosper in the IT Channel Companies of all sizes use distribution channels to sell their products or services, either as a supplement to or in place of a direct sales team. Simply defined, a channel is any entity that serves as a middle-man between a company and its customers, most commonly

VAR Viability: How Resellers Can Improve Their Return on Technology

In an industry as competitive as computers, savings and profits go hand-in-hand. The more your company can cut costs without affecting product quality, the lower your prices can be, allowing you to attract more customers. IT Xchange is committed to helping value-added resellers (VARs) cut costs and improve profits. Partnering with us will allow you

What HP’s Split Means for Consumers

These past few months HP has been negotiating a very tricky feat: Splitting the company completely in two – and explaining it to the press and shareholders in a way that makes sense.  Of course, major company shifts are not uncommon: Spinoffs, mergers, and buyouts are all practical solutions when a company wants to renew