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Top Performers in the Enterprise Hardware Market

The top performers in the enterprise hardware market are Dell, HP, and Cisco. This despite a strong push from both Apple and Microsoft. For the uninitiated, the enterprise hardware market is primarily for storage products, and unlike general consumer storage, enterprise market storage has higher scalability, greater capacity, and far greater reliability.  It is designed to be …

CES 2016 in Review: Futuristic Trends on the Horizon

The tech industry’s biggest North American trade show highlighted some exciting business tech trends, both current and emerging. Everything old is new again, and there was a big retro presence at the show. Turntables and cameras in particular showed up with new takes on old favorites. Sony’s PS-HX500 is a high-res turntable that plays records …

The Best Pricing Strategies for Hardware Resellers

Any reseller needs to make a profit. When suppliers offer the lowest prices with discounts or rebates in the face of stiff competition, they help to drive down profitability for the industry. A reseller without an overall strategy will simply copy other reseller programs, seeking to attract customers by offering the best price. Those who …