Enhancing Company Success with the Adoption of Business Technology

In this day and age of competing in the global marketplace, it’s important for businesses of any size- small, medium, and enterprise- to use any and all advantages that are out there. One thing that can make or break a company is how well it adapts to the changing technology that exists. While many companies

Do Wearables Have a Place in Enterprise Technology?

The rise of wearable technology has generated a lot of media interest over the past several years.  While products such as the Apple Watch have generated a lot of buzz, there is a growing market for other devices that do everything from track fitness and health data to provide location information.  These devices are generally

Will the iPad Pro Make Your PC Obsolete?

When the iPad Pro was released in November of 2015, Apple CEO Tim Cook proclaimed it “the tablet that will replace the personal computer.” While the Pro is a step up from past Apple tablets and has features that will rival some desktop computing functions, not everyone is convinced it is the next coming of the personal computer. New Features The iPad Pro