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AI and Prescriptive Analytics in B2B Sales Strategy

Artificial intelligence now has the ability to shore up inefficiencies in call scripts, applying NLP to a machine transcription that is used on customer acquisition calls. Gong, the brand that is applying this new technology, is building on the market that was created by Apple’s Siri and Amazon Echo with a level of intimacy and …

As the Tablet Market Continues to Decline, the Hybrid Market Begins to Grow

IDC’s Quarterly Tablet Tracker is estimating that tablet shipments around the world are going to decline for the second year in a row. The analyst are expecting that in 2016 there will be a 9.6 percent fall from the previous year, with even more in 2017. However, despite the increasingly negative growth of the tablet …

Lexmark and Lenovo: A New Merger or Something Else?

The tech industry is buzzing with the news that PC company Lenovo may be making a move to acquire printer manufacturer, Lexmark. However, new reports have emerged that a variety of buyers will be working to buy out Lexmark instead. Lexmark has been making headlines recently with talk of layoffs. Even though the printer company …