Your Guide to Buying Refurbished Computer Hardware

Stepping into the realm of buying refurbished computer hardware can be a daunting undertaking. You have conflicting anecdotal evidence: a friend of yours bought a refurbished desktop computer and it stopped working about a week later (and there was no warranty), while your aunt purchased a refurbished laptop and it’s been steadily trucking along for

How Secondary-Market Resellers Shine in the Hardware Industry

A car isn’t the only major purchase that depreciates greatly in value directly after you purchase it. Hardware and electronics depreciate quickly after they are purchased new as well, and few products become outdated as fast as electronics can. That’s where the secondary-market resellers of hardware and other tech equipment come in. The technology aftermarket for resellers offers an opportunity to compound

The Personal Touch is Critical to B2B Technology Sales

“Just a little of that Human Touch.” These words from a popular Bruce Springsteen song mean more than involvement in a personal relationship. As much as technology leads today’s social-driven world, the art of business-to-business sales comes from real, live human beings. Computers are wonderful tools but they cannot take the place of personal and passionate