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Discount ThinkPads, Obsolete and Hard-to-Find Parts

The Hidden Cost of Cutting Edge Technology Choosing the right technology to suit the needs of your business or your clients is one of the most important and complicated decisions you’ll have to make. No matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll want to select the best possible equipment that you can afford.

How Secondary-Market Resellers Shine in the Hardware Industry

A car isn’t the only major purchase that depreciates greatly in value directly after you purchase it. Hardware and electronics depreciate quickly after they are purchased new as well, and few products become outdated as fast as electronics can. That’s where the secondary-market resellers of hardware and other tech equipment come in. The technology aftermarket for resellers offers an opportunity to compound

IT Channel Cautiously Reacts to Brexit

The pending split between the United Kingdom and the European Union has shattered any notion of a calm business environment, and the ripples are still moving outward from the initial disturbance. The IT industry especially will be facing the fallout of the decision, primarily because of the jurisdiction monitoring extremely sensitive data that now must