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Differences Between Enterprise and Consumer Grade Tech

Small businesses, new businesses, and perhaps businesses struggling to operate between paydays know the pain of needing to make purchases while keeping a close eye on the budget.  Sometimes, that stress can make those businesses consider cutting corners. One way to cut corners is to not buy enterprise level of computer equipment, instead opting for consumer

Here’s Why Professionals Prefer ThinkPads

This will not be unbiased reporting. This will instead be a report on one of the most popular laptop computer lines on the market today, which has been popular for the past decade, in addition to some of the things that make these machines so well-liked by the business crowd.  The Lenovo ThinkPad has been

Top IT Threats to Data Centers

Of the most common perils faced by many of today’s companies in 2017 are those threats that are posed to IT.  Entire countries are being hacked to steal information.  Large companies are being hacked to steal credit card information or private health information—and it isn’t just large businesses that face these threats.  Over the past