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Differences Between Enterprise and Consumer Grade Tech

Small businesses, new businesses, and perhaps businesses struggling to operate between paydays know the pain of needing to make purchases while keeping a close eye on the budget.  Sometimes, that stress can make those businesses consider cutting corners. One way to cut corners is to not buy enterprise level of computer equipment, instead opting for consumer …

Are There Advantages to Local Storage in the Era of Cloud?

Today is arguably the era of cloud computing with trends continually moving toward cloud storage for business of all sizes. But there are select groups who still prefer to utilize local storage. While the cloud has many positive aspects, there are some down sides as well. Because of these, there are businesses and government organizations …

How Can Collaboration Programs Benefit IT Resellers?

There can be unique challenges to working as a hardware or software reseller. There are the benefits – you can convince customers that you are offering quality products at a decreased price because it isn’t the latest or the newest. Sometimes, that includes offering more service to the client during the process of the sale. …