ThinkPad’s Legacy Design, and Why it Persists

One of the reasons why ThinkPad enthusiasts continue to stick with Lenovo’s laptop line is because it remains true to its original black-box design, which made it famous under its creator, IBM. The ThinkPad just celebrated its 25th anniversary over the summer, so let’s look at what parts of the design have stuck over a quarter century.  One of the

IT Recycling: Where Corporate Responsibility and Cybersecurity Intersect

Properly recycling IT assets is a practice that most major corporations are aware of and abide by – with some exceptions. It is currently legal in the United States for any company to ship their old electronics to Asia or Africa. This is where developing nations with loose regulations on e-waste take old product and

Why Buy Refurbished ThinkPads?

You are in charge of purchasing new laptop computers for your business, and you’re interested in purchasing ThinkPads. One thing you might consider is not buying ThinkPad computers that are “new”, but instead purchasing computers that are “new to you”.  For many people and businesses, purchasing refurbished laptops is the way to go, as they