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Groundbreaking Computers throughout History

Personal computers have revolutionized the way we do research, work, communicate, entertain ourselves, and even the way we think. There is a computer in nearly every home, office, and university – and many more in many other places. They have truly become something we can’t live without. But computers weren’t always the powerhouses they are …

Uncovering the Truth About Hyperconvergence

Hyperconvergence is the latest tech trend in the data center world, and as with every new trend, the market is flush with unverified or false information. As conventional infrastructures change, those whose business is tied to those traditional operations will have knee-jerk reactions either strongly for or against the newest trends, depending on how it …

HPE Targets SMBs with Latest Storage Offering

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, or HPE, is offering new and expanded offerings for storage, server, hyperconvergence, and network solutions targeting the SMB market. The midrange market is largest in the business, which often finds itself falling behind while moving from a hardware to cloud-based model due to budget and manpower constraints. This product offering is said to …