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The Best Business PCs of 2017

This year, we’ve seen several model refreshes from the PC industry’s top players: Lenovo, Dell and HP.  Business favorites like the X1 Carbon in notebooks, and the latest Dell Precision desktop have come on to the market more powerful, and more impressive than ever. As the year comes to a close, we take a look

Top Storage Trends to Watch in 2018

The year 2018 is fast-approaching, and it makes sense to review the new trends within the extensive storage landscape. Next year promises to make the work of the IT team simpler by taking the risky, complicated and time-consuming task of refreshing the system each year from them. The continuing development should enhance data storage and

What Will 2018 Bring to Enterprise IT?

With the new year quickly approaching, now is the time to think about the enterprise IT trends that will shape 2018. Understanding IT trends will provide you with knowledge of industry changes. You can also use the information to identify how to use emerging technologies to your advantage. Here are some fascinating enterprise IT trends

The Coolest Ways Companies are Using IBM Watson

Although Artificial Intelligence remains a relatively new idea, it is becoming famous in different parts of the world. For experts, the mention of artificial intelligence is synonymous to IBM Watson. The cognitive computing system developed by IBM is the most prevalent example of artificial intelligence in the modern world. The platform makes use of machine

5 Sales Soft Skills Tips

Unfortunately, many businesses have their sales pitch revolving around them and not their clients. Customer experience, honesty, and genuine concern for your customers are the foundations upon which to succeed in your sales efforts. The following are 5 sales soft skills tips that will boost your sales, retain customers and generate more revenue.  1. Put