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How OEMs can Enable Channel Partners for Success

The partnership between original equipment manufacturers, OEMs, and channel partners is beneficial for both parties. It allows partners to offer their clients pre-certified solutions without incurring any additional cost of logistics and hardware inventory management. OEMs, on the other hand, benefit from the collaboration in terms of reduced advertising and marketing costs. The symbiotic relationship

Refreshed X1 Lineup Thrills Tech Industry Reviewers

Renowned for its business appeal, nothing beats the ThinkPad Lenovo series. It was only last year when Lenovo revamped its ThinkPad X1 Lineup with a slimmer profile and the latest-gen Intel chipsets. The company has refreshed its ThinkPad X1 series to look even more sophisticated impressing the industry reviewers at the last year’s CES. The

The Current State of E-Waste and Recycling

Moving on to newer and better smartphones, laptops, monitors and televisions after a few years is inevitable. Even if you opt to hold onto your smartphone or laptop for as long as you can, its integrated battery will eventually stop working, its hard drive will fail, or any other number of other things will happen to make it