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Attention Sales: IT Hardware Is Slated for a Comeback

For the last three years, the exponential growth in cloud computing has hit the IT hardware companies hard. Since 2009, cloud computing investment has been growing 4.5 times the rate of IT spending, according to Forbes. Further, Forbes predicts that from 2015 through 2020, it’ll continue to grow at six times the rate of IT spending.

Why Your Customers Care about Asset Recovery in IT Hardware

Reverse logistics come in handy in optimizing the supply chain efficiency and supporting asset recovery processes to assist organizations to meet sustainable goals. While the objective of conventional logistics is to streamline the flow of products from the producer to the consumer, reverse logistics handles the process of inverting that flow to enable the seamless

Server Sales Strong in Q4 2017

After experiencing declining sales year over year, the beleaguered server executives at Lenovo’s headquarters in Beijing and Morrisville had some good news to savor, according to an industry researcher, IDC’s new report. The report indicated that IBM had even better news with high-end server revenues surging up over 50 percent. The statistics, strategically, quash a

A Look at the Secondary Market for Mobile Phones

60% of smartphone users, according to a survey on Germany and U.S consumers, usually upgrade their existing phones to acquire the latest phone in the market. While this helps drive the higher end of the market, they also significantly increase the circulation of second-hand devices. It could be easy to presume that the secondary mobile