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Square and Eventbrite Rentals CALL: 1.800.347.7333

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IT Xchange is your partner in protecting your Information Technology investments IT Xchange offers many innovative products and services to organizations involved in the deployment, management and disposal of information technology.

Lower your total cost of ownership. IT Xchange shows you how.

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At IT Xchange we help organizations reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) for computer technology. We focus on platform maintenance and we help customers identify the technology appropriate to their specific IT requirements. IT Xchange works with leading manufacturers, distributors, leasing companies and other organizations to obtain name-brand computer systems  options and upgrades  Within the Secondary Market, our products range from new, recently discontinued, to re-certified, refurbished off-lease products. These quality products help organizations reduce their TCO by maintaining fewer or existing standards for a longer period of time and by providing technology appropriate to the demands of a given project or department. These products are often available for a fraction of the original cost.

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