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5 of our Most Popular Refurbished ThinkPads

As an IT or business professional, it’s important to have the most cost effective and efficient computing technology to complete work. While it might seem that such options are limited, the truth is that there are a few choices to be found. For options that provide computing power, portability, and affordability, here are 5 of our most popular refurbished ThinkPads that can give into IT or business professional what they need.

ThinkPad X1 Carbon

This ultrabook offers a few advantages to the employee on the go who doesn’t have much time to sit down and stay in one place. The Carbon is lightweight at 2.877 lbs. meaning it can be carried around all day long without causing unnecessary stress and strain. For those who do lots of long term travel aboard planes, trains, and automobiles, the portability of the Carbon is  reinforced by its durable design that lets it take whatever bumps may come along. The ability to go anywhere would be nothing without a battery life long enough to sustain it for use in any environment, and here the Carbon has an estimated life of 10.9 hours and Rapid Charge technology that allows a a quicker fill up.

ThinkPad T440

The ThinkPad T440 is a powerful business laptop for the modern day professional. With a durable yet lightweight glass fiber shell the T440 can be carried around from meeting room to meeting room, and for those who need to create and save numerous documents, presentations, and videos, the computer has up to 1TB HDD space for saving. It’s also very easy for anyone to use with a large trackpad and precision keyboard, making it intuitive for any employee.

ThinkPad T440s

An ultrabook that has an ultra slim profile, the T440s has a high resolution display that makes reading facts and figures easy. As light and durable as it is easy to look at, this piece of computational hardware has an easy to use keyboard for those long nights of working late, making it easier on any employee to log in all the work they need to get done. The Power Bridge technology in the T440s allows for a long battery life and quicker charge time, so that there doesn’t need to be as much downtime between use or on busy trips far from  an outlet.

ThinkPad X240

Slim doesn’t mean weak. While this ultrabook weighs in at a mere 2.84 lbs, it still packs a computational punch with its 4th generation Intel Processor. The system also has an integrated Intel vPro Technology that allows for the computer to be repaired and managed anywhere around the world. For more expedient travel, the computer has fast data transfer that moves at 10 times the regular rate. Add to all this a durable construction, a functional and well-feeling keyboard, and a capacitive touch pad for quick, precise use, and the ThinkPad is useful for any IT Professional.

ThinkPad T430s

The final ThinkPad we have is a business powerhouse. While it’s not as lightweight as the other ultrabooks (though at 3.94 lbs. it is hardly heavy) it comes with an array of features that would prove useful to any IT and business professional. Enhanced graphics mean smoother play of necessary videos and presentations, and the addition of a 720p HD webcam allows for important online business meetings. Integrated 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, mean that the computer will be able to connect wherever you go so that you can get your online work done while you are on the road.


If you’re an IT or business professional, maybe it’s time you try one of our best to see what a ThinkPad can do for you. With a mix of affordability, portability, and durability, these refurbished computers are effective but not hard on your bank account, meaning you can get the best bang for your buck for you and your company.