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A Look at Lenovo XClarity

Have you taken a look at Lenovo’s latest administration solution for System X – XClarity? If you ask the customers who have given it a spin thus far, you’ll find they are both impressed and excited about how this allows site administrators to manage their infrastructure.

XClarity features a dashboard-driven graphical user interface (GUI) allowing its users to quickly identify critical tasks in infrastructure deployment and lifecycle management across sizeable groups of systems. This saves both time and money, and makes for happy end-users who have faster and more consistent access to their resources.

This solution is available for System x M5 and X6 rack servers, in addition to the Flex System converged infrastructure platform (it is important to note that XClarity is only available with the current product line and not discontinued models). It is a virtual machine that does not require any dedicated hardware. It is not only easy to setup, but incredibly agile and able to move from one machine to another. 

The main benefits, as spelled out by Lenovo themselves are “automated discovery, monitoring, firmware updates and compliance, pattern-based configuration management, and deployment of operating systems and hypervisors to multiple systems.”

The higher-end version of XClarity (XClarity Pro) also integrates with Microsoft System Center and VMware VCenter virtualization management tools. This is particularly beneficial for clustered environments during rolling server reboots and firmware updates by reducing workload downtime through dynamic migration, in addition to predicting hardware failures.

Want to learn more about XClarity options available to you? While we specialize in extending the lifecycle of your current System X infrastructure, as Lenovo Business Partner we can also help you enhance performance and efficiency. Contact us to learn more.