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Benefits of Solid State Drives

Benefits of solid state drives

Thinking about upgrading the storage in your computer? Choosing the right type of long term data storage for your device can prove a difficult task given the large variety of drives available on the market. Here are some of the top reasons why you might wish to consider a solid state drive (SSD) rather than sticking with a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) during your next upgrade.

Say goodbye to moving parts

Unlike traditional hard disk drives which are made of spinning disks, solid state drives are made from silicon memory chips and contain no moving parts. Not only does this allow for faster processing times, but the lack of moving parts means a lower chance of mechanical failure.

Additionally, SSDs are able to continue functioning in environments that would be detrimental to traditional HDDs. Because they have no moving parts, solid state drives are able to continue performing in extreme temperatures, as well as high vibration and shock environments where traditional hard drive disks might fail. The increased durability of a solid state means fewer worries about your drive getting damaged during travel or when you are operating in less than ideal conditions. Computers operating on a traditional hard disk drive risk irreparable damage to data if the drive is damaged in the event of a drop or rough shaking. Because solid state drives lack a myriad of moving parts, they are more resilient in such conditions.

Speaking of travel and portability, the absence of moving parts also makes solid state drives considerably lighter than traditional hard disk drives. As a result, not only are they harder to damage, they’re easier to carry. And because they any moving parts, solid state drives produce far less heat than hard disk drives, and are considerably quieter than their predecessors.   

Faster processing times

Because there is no need for the solid state drive to spin a drive platter or move the heads of the drive, the processing speed increases significantly. And because there is no physical read head, the chance of fragmentation of large files is minimized significantly. Without these mechanical delays, the read and write rates of the processor can skyrocket. This boost in speed can lead to dramatic increases in overall productivity for the user. Faster read/write rates mean faster boot-up and shutdown times, faster loading of applications, and an overall more responsive system. 

All This and Power Too

Traditional hard disk drives require large amounts of energy to operate the motor responsible for moving all of the various parts of the drive. Since there is no motor, and no moving parts to power, users operating on a solid state drive can save significant amounts of energy. Using less power means more battery life to use on more important tasks!  

It won’t break the bank

Upon their release there were arguments against solid state drives because of the considerably higher cost when compared to its alternative the hard disk drive. However, times have changed and solid state drives are now widely affordable. Allowing customers to have access to faster processing and more reliable storage without having to take out a second mortgage on their home to afford it. And many users are finding the cost pays off, as the solid state drives are outlasting traditional hard disk drives while delivering a superior performance.

Although it can seem tempting to stick with the same technology you have used for years, the time has come to consider upgrading to a more dependable and resilient form of long term storage for your computer. Gone are the days of tiny moving parts that are threatened by too much movement or changes in temperature. It’s time to make room for a more rugged drive; a drive that won’t only withstand when the going gets tough, but a drive that will boost your PC’s performance and save power in the process. It doesn’t get much better than that!