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Best Tools For Closing Sales in 2017

There are tools available that can be beneficial in increasing sales. Even businesses that don’t have a great deal to do with technology (maybe they sell low-tech items or provide non-tech-related services) can still use it to increase sales or to make themselves more efficient. Not only can technology help create more leads, but customers have become used to the ease associated with using technology which means their checkout experience is also improved. Remember: Happier customers are more likely to return.

Some of the apps and software that will help seal sales deal include:


This program is called “the best voice to customer relationship management in the business.” Perhaps when a salesperson is leaving a client, or when an important thought comes to them, they call Dial-A-Note and leave themselves a message that will go into their CRM. Drop boxes and other ways to store important information are checked, and future meetings, sales opportunities, sales minimums or maximums are stored. All of the important notes from a sales call can be stored with one phone call.


This app offers CRM and project management in one place. The CRM has calendars, notifications, an ability to make custom fields and customer filters, and a way to notify if there is a connection from one company with another—booking agents are related, or a similar connection that could be important to you but easy to forget. Project managers have the same tools, plus they can check on those out in the field, or those making calls. The mobile app allows the user to add tasks, view contact information, log calls, and to keep up with potential changes in a project that occurred while you were on the road.


Salesforce1 Mobile App advertises that it allows the user to run their business from their phone. Each user can customize the app for their own needs, which should allow deals to be closed quickly and efficiently. Specific features include a tool that allows you to access a meeting with the push of a button in the app, and you can also look at the CRM records related to a meeting and related to those participating in the meeting.


Base was created to increase sales and to give those with responsibility for those sales to easily evaluate and manage different clients at different stages in the sales pipeline. Supervisors can get leads and assign them to different representatives, regardless of their location. Records of phone calls are stored, as well as voice recorded, hand written or typed notes, and emails that are associated with a particular client. All are kept in one easy-to-access file.


Repsly has two important tasks: It can be used by supervisors to manage their team, and it can be used by the team to better track and manage clients and potential clients. One of the best things about Repsly is that all the user has to do is input information into the right fields and it will automatically be distributed to the right people in the field. Repsly also allows those in the field to take photos, which will be geotagged and information about the client can be added. Collaboration from the home base office to team members on the road is easy with internal text features, a billboard to make announcements for all to see, a place to include client notes, and a chance for both efficient and positive team collaboration.


If you find yourself needing to give slide presentations to potential clients or to people in your own business, SlideRocket can make the process much easier and make the end product look great. One advantage of SlideRocket is that you can access your presentation from anywhere, whether you’re online or offline. If you made the presentation on your Apple computer which you forgot at the office or hotel and the place you’re presenting only has Android or Windows, it doesn’t matter – it supports all three platforms. Another great thing about SlideRocket is that you can easily incorporate free content into your presentation. You can even add a funny or poignant video or picture into the presentation very simply. Then, the presentations you make are stored and protected, waiting for your next presentation.


Resco makes Dynamics CRM which almost instantaneously syncs new information in the CRM database. If you or some of the salespeople end up working with clients with unreliable internet, this program won’t stop. You can keep inputting information, then when you get back to a signal, it will sync information into your live file and database.

To not take advantage of one or more app or program means you’re working at a disadvantage. Do some research to decide what apps your business could benefit the most from, and be sure to work closely with IT professionals to make sure the app is rolled out to your team effectively. Using technology to improve the speed and efficiency of your sales process can put your business at a major advantage.