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Buy the Best ThinkServer for Your Business

Perhaps you’re growing as a business and moving from standalone computers to buying your first server. Perhaps you’re moving from one server to a larger one. Or, maybe you just need a new server; no matter the reason, a Lenovo ThinkServer system offers different options to meet your needs. Each business has its own challenges that have to be met, so it is important to choose the right server to meet those requirements.

When choosing the best server, you need to determine what the purpose the server will have for you. Are you replacing an older, obsolete server? Are you adding a server when there wasn’t one before? Are you growing and need a more robust server to meet your businesses changing needs? The answers to these questions will be important to help you choose your model of server.

Consider the Traffic the Server Will Host

A big part of deciding the purpose of your server is to determine how much traffic the server will be supporting. It can be frustrating to outgrow a new server within the first few months because you didn’t spend enough time planning. It is also important to determine how many applications will be run on the server. The more users and more apps, the larger the drain the server will face. Choose a server with enough capacity to handle the number of users, and to handle the apps that could be running through it.

Find the Best Fit for Your Needs

You then need to determine if what server will best fit your current infrastructure. If you don’t have an infrastructure yet, but you’re planning on adding at least one server, you will now have an infrastructure. Talk to experts to determine what server will be best for you growing enterprise. You want a server that can handle the work that it will face tomorrow, but you want to be able to grow and for that server to grow with you as long as possible.

The other important thing when considering your current infrastructure is that not every server can be unplugged and then have the components plug back into a new server. If you have operated without an IT professional, now would be a good time to have them advise you on what servers will work best for your needs, and what servers may not work at all. The easy it is to adapt a new server to the older system, the less expensive the transition will be.

Lenovo offers different servers to meet different needs:

LENOVO ThinkServer TS140

This server is referred to as an enterprise class processor. This gives the owner a chance to run a business without worrying about unnecessary breakdowns and, the server has great reliability regarding speed and protection. This server comes is an error correcting code memory, an onboard storage controller, and it offers the ability to keep your data safe.

This server is also low in maintenance. The server is easy to upgrade since you can add up to 16TB of storage and up to 32GB of memory, and you will have four PCl/PCle slots to allow for growth. The server is also easy to manage and it is even easy to manage from remote locations. It is also very quiet and Energy Star certified. 

LENOVO ThinkServer RD350

Lenovo calls this server the next-gen 1U design that has loaded features, great performance, and intuitive management tools. The infrastructure workloads can double the memory capacity which is more than 16% than previous generations of servers. The server also comes with XClarity, which makes it easier for the IT people to manage the system. Simplicity means less downtime. The performance is great, and the cost to run the machine as it has energy efficient features which include 80 PLUS Titanium power supplies and an optional Lenovo XClarity Energy Manager.

TomsITProi.com says the RD350 has all of the features a business needs, while you don’t pay for any features that you don’t need. There are up to two Intel Xeon processors that offer you great performance for your work. You can also use the hot-swap hard drives, embedded RAID, and hot-swap redundant power to keep data safe while also keeping your network up and running.

Among other advantages, this system is easy to manage with central automate discovery, inventory tracking, real-time monitoring, fault detection, and alert handling. You can even monitor the system with from your phone or table thanks to an option for Android and iOS devices.

LENOVO ThinkServer RD650

This is a great server when storage is an important need. This server also has a very flexible design with different levels of storage options, and because of the cooling system, the performance is very reliable. This server can run at 45 degrees C without compromising reliability and performance. The more you’re on line, the more you can serve your customers.

This server also offers inventory tracking, fault detection, and alert handling. You can monitor this server from Android and iOS machines. 

Choose the right server for you. Make certain you purchase a server that not only meets your needs right now, but that you think will meet your needs in one year. Doing so will remove an unneeded headache in the future.