Buying Refurbished and Withdrawn PCs: A Burgeoning Market

Buying Refurbished and Withdrawn PCs: A Burgeoning Market

In order to keep up with advancements and changes in technology, most businesses and consumers buy new devices fairly regularly. The question that is rarely addressed, however, is what exactly should be done with the older hardware that is being replaced. Often, used computers still work perfectly well (and those that don’t may be brought back up to excellent condition with light refurbishment), but the vast majority of these devices unfortunately end up in landfills. To combat waste and to make affordable hardware available to a wider range of consumers, major manufacturers have joined forces with recycling groups to promote a new market for refurbished and withdrawn PCs.

Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) uncovered a statistic revealing that 15 pounds of used electronics are generated per capita each year across the globe, and less than 20 percent of those devices are currently being recycled. It also predicts that the volume of used electronics will grow exponentially over the next several years. Recently, SERI has joined forces with Microsoft to create a new pilot program called the R2 Ready for Reuse Project. The program revolves around bolstering consumer confidence in refurbished hardware, and it will list computers that have been inspected for performance quality in a searchable database so that shoppers aren’t afraid to buy previously used machines. The initiative will specifically benefit schools and small businesses that might have tight IT budgets by giving them more options. It will also significantly cut down on waste by ensuring that more computers find new users instead of ending up in the dumpster.

The partnership between SERI and Microsoft is similar to the process we have long promoted at IT Xchange. We offer refurbished and withdrawn PCs that undergo rigorous quality checks before being added to our store. IT Xchange also gives technology users the opportunity to reduce their impact on the environment by providing asset management services that include secure hardware recycling. With this program, you can ensure that your personal data is completely erased before the computer or its parts are repurposed for a new owner. Whether you are searching for affordable hardware or trying to responsibly dispose of old electronics, partnering with IT Xchange is a sound decision for your business

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