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Buying Refurbished or Discontinued Computers

Refurbished and discontinued computers for business

Whether you are a VAR trying to buy computers that you can turn around and resell for a profit or are an IT administrator for a company that uses lots of desktops and laptops, you certainly won’t want to pay full price for the systems you acquire en masse. Luckily, as long as you are willing to do a little research and legwork, you can likely get great deals on exceptional machines if you opt to buy computers that have been refurbished or discontinued. Here is a look at some of the benefits of both options and the factors you should consider as you shop.

If a computer is classified as “refurbished,” it usually means that it either failed quality control testing before being shipped to retailers or it was bought and returned because something was wrong with one or more of its components. These computers are then rebuilt with working parts and sold at a discount (which could be modest to significant) from the original MSRP. Refurbishments might be done by the manufacturer or they could be done by a third party. At IT Xchange, we only sell refurbished computers that have been brought up to the same standards as a machine you would buy new. We also offer industry-leading warranties on all of our refurbished hardware so that you can have peace of mind when buying computers for your business. By stocking up on refurbished computers, you can ensure that you spend far less than the manufacturers charge for machines that meet exceptional standards.

Another option to help you purchase advanced technology for far less than you would typically pay for new machines is to opt for discontinued computer models. Since the industry moves at such a fast pace, major manufacturers like Lenovo, Dell, and IBM release new computers every few months–even though the previous models are often almost as advanced. To unload extra stock of these “older” computers, these companies will sell their discontinued models at a significant discount. If you can take advantage of these excellent deals, you may be able to find computers that have better specs than the models you could afford new, at a fraction of the cost. When you shop discontinued computer models from IT Xchange, simply compare the specs of the computer you are considering to a new machine with similar components being sold by the manufacturer, and you will almost certainly notice some major savings.

Buying computers for your business doesn’t have to bust your budget. Checkout our refurbished and discontinued computers today to see what kinds of savings might be available to your business!