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Choosing a NAS Device for Your Company

Photo Credit: TechTarget

For small businesses who aren’t ready to make huge investments in sophisticated server and storage technology, NAS technology is a critical tool. Network Attached Storage (NAS) provides a secure way for companies to store, maintain, and protect client data in one location, which is then accessible for employees with network authorization.

Companies using data sharing devices and programs like Cloud and Google Drive already have a good idea of how NAS works and the benefits, but the different devices available to them might not be so obvious. The three below are ideal for companies needing the top devices for their data.

Synology DiskStation DS415+

The Synology DiskStation DS415+ is perfect for small businesses that collect data continuously. The most unique feature this device has to offer is its data encryption. Companies that ask for private information from their customers, need to stay compliant with HIPAA laws, or need to share sensitive information amongst employees in a private manner will benefit the most from using a Synology DiskStation NAS device. If there is a need to move from a file-sharing server to a device, this one will make it simple to do.

Upgrading from an older method of data sharing to a new one can be daunting, especially when the former system has been the main go-to. Even if the old system remains, Synology allows access to that file-sharing server. There’s never a need to rush to transfer files from one to another. This will help eliminate delays in normal daily operations and reduce mistakes in deleting old files or possibly duplicating data.

For those companies that are already using another Synology device or products, there won’t be any compatibility issues between this one and the one currently used. In fact, the two will work together to provide extra security. If one malfunctions, the data will be on the other, ready to be accessed.

Western Digital DL4100

Nowadays, with hackers being as intelligent as the programs and software designed to deter them, businesses need a way to secure their data better than ever. It’s more than just security, though. The right people also should be able to access it from the device of choice without losing protection.

The Western Digital DL4100 NAS device offers an enhanced level of security while giving network users remote access to sensitive data. When there is an overwhelming need for a business to offer employees continual sharing capabilities, this device allows employees to keep all of their collaborative efforts in one location for each team member to access. And, the flexibility of the Western Digital gives individual users the ability to use the device of their preference to connect to the server and access data.

With any other device, such flexibility would come at the expense of security, but that isn’t an issue with this one. The company’s network controller is able to see, report, record, and review all exchange, uploading, and access of information from the server. If there is an issue they can resolve it instantly within the server.

Apple AirPort Time Capsule

Apple AirPort Time Capsule

People are hyper-supportive of their Apple products, due to the brand’s popularity. Businesses are no exception. Owners and managers want to provide their employees with a NAS device that won’t require them to jump through hoops to connect, stay connected, or be protected.

There isn’t a lot of wiggle room for any of those to be compromised with the Apple AirPort Time Capsule NAS device. Without asking for permissions or popping up constant reminders, it allows employees to work continuously throughout the day. It eliminates interruptions because it works in the background, syncing and backing up data from all computers that have a wireless connection and is operating on the server. It doesn’t matter what device is being used, it can quickly connect to this device to share information or print it.

Employees won’t have to take up valuable time to click unnecessarily on prompts to connect. In fact, when the need does arise to manually operate the device, there is only one step to take. The employee only needs to press one of the three buttons on the front of the unit to backup, print, or connect to WiFi. However, that issue shouldn’t happen because the server is always automatically running already.

There are plenty of Network Attached Storage devices on the market, but the three above are the best for companies that need automatic, convenient, and diverse capabilities for their employees. Consumer data needs to be protected on a large scale when it comes to maintaining it. NAS allows secure access through ports, wirelessly, and through compatible drives or routers. Likewise, the devices above also offer varying amounts of storage capacity for companies that range in size from small, locally, or family owned to large, nationwide, franchise companies.

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