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Consider Discontinued Servers When Replacing Aging Technology

Each piece of technology within your organization has a unique lifecycle. Determining the lifecycle of your equipment, such as servers, allows you to budget for technology costs, rather than being caught off guard by a dying server that quickly needs a replacement. In today’s ever-changing technological times, the innovative features of new equipment can be enticing. However, server lifecycle, not simply the release of a newer model, should dictate when and if you replace the equipment. Understanding a typical server lifecycle helps you make the right technology decisions for your organization. 

Assessing Server Performance

When you find that the server lacks the capabilities to offer efficient, high-speed and functional computer for your organization, it is due for a replacement. Thus, monitoring the server’s capability is an essential task for IT departments. This analysis will help determine when a new server is needed. For example, you may find during this assessment that the server is not equipped to offer adequate storage and memory space, which can slow down the organization’s operations and degrade its efficiency. Perhaps your organization experienced significant growth, and the server simply cannot keep up with the user demand.

An unreliable server can wreak havoc on your organization’s operations. Whether your server has simply aged or your maintenance contract has expired — or both — when your server becomes unreliable, the equipment has reached the end of its lifecycle.

Buying Discontinued Servers

Once you have determined that your server has reached the end of its lifecycle, you transition into a search for a new server. For some organizations, the newest, most efficient server is necessary to allow employees to work optimally. For other organizations, however, an earlier model of a server is a perfect fit for the organization’s needs. Withdrawn and discontinued servers can be purchased through third-party vendors and value-added resellers, creating a more cost-effective option for many organizations. The option to purchase discontinued servers broadens your organization’s technology options, as you are no longer limited to investing in the newest — and subsequently most expensive — model. Instead, you can purchase a sufficient discontinued server that comes with customer service and maintenance options. Exploring the possibility of purchasing a withdrawn/discontinued server can positively impact your organization’s bottom line.