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HPE Targets SMBs with Latest Storage Offering

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, or HPE, is offering new and expanded offerings for storage, server, hyperconvergence, and network solutions targeting the SMB market. The midrange market is largest in the business, which often finds itself falling behind while moving from a hardware to cloud-based model due to budget and manpower constraints. This product offering is said to increase application performance within a secure infrastructure, while remaining cost-effective for growing businesses.

If HPE is able to secure its spot in the mid-range market, it will continue improving its recent positive company performance as it remains a mainstay in the enterprise tech world.

Let’s take a look at the latest product portfolio:

There are three servers in this new product release, and all three have security features that protect against firmware attacks:

  • Gen-10 ProLiant ML110
    • Single-processor tower for SMBs and ROBOs; HPE says best performing at this level
  • Gen-10 ProLiant ML350
  • Dual-processor tower
  • Delivers 71 percent performance boost and 27 percent core increase over previous generation
  • A makeover of gen-9 DL580, 2-4 CPUs for mid-sized businesses
  • Gen-10 ProLiant DL580
MSA 2050


Three MSA storage arrays are also being released, two which are upgrades from previous generations and one new offering specifically for the SMB customer:

  • MSA 2050, flash-ready base model
    • Delivers 2x performance of 2040 previous generation
    • Delivers more than 200,000 IOPS
    • Self-encrypting drive support
  • MSA 2052 hybrid model
  • Delivers 2x performance of 2042 previous generations
  • 1.6TB of flash (two 800GB drives)
  • Software licenses integrated
  • iSCSI, FC & SAS host interface connectivity for ProLiant Gen10 servers to MSA1050/2050 storage – provides access to flash storage without the need of network infrastructure
  • Can be upgraded to 2050
  • MSA 1050, entry-level hybrid storage array. Lowest entry price point in the HPE shared portfolio.

Nimble Storage was acquired by HPE earlier this year, and its full portfolio of all-flash offerings will be available November 1. Here’s what to expect from the flash arrays:

  • HPE Nimble Storage Predictive Flash
    • Predictive analytics addressing over 85 percent of storage issues before they occur
    • Scalable into the petabytes as a business continues to grow
Simplivity 380


The hyper-converged system promises the agility and cost of the cloud with performance and security of on-premise solutions:

  • SimpliVity 380 box using a gen-10 ProLiant
    • Existing offering modified to be 20 percent cheaper with entry-level and all-flash configurations available
    • Twice the performance of hybrid solutions with half the latency
    • Built-in data protection, disaster recovery, deduplication and compression – offering essential requirements bundled to be more affordable
OfficeConnect OC20


There’s also a Wifi hub and a cloud offering coming from HPE, specifically for SMBs (which customers may not have expected from this brand):

  • OfficeConnect OC20
    • Cost-effective access point for businesses without dedicated IT support
    • Can be set up with mobile app
    • Designed specifically for companies with fewer than 100 employees
    • Provides secure, reliable business-grade Wifi
  • StoreOnce CloudBank
  • Feeds array data to AWS, Azure, on-premise object storage for long-term data retention

There is also an ethernet switch offering within this flash-friendly product push, in order to improve networking for SMBs:

  • StoreFabric M-Series
    • Provides flash-optimized networking over standard iSCI connections, normally something too cost-prohibitive for SMBs
    • Provides affordable, high-performance network infrastructure built for flash

HP Recent Market Performance

Since HPE’s last earnings report just over a month ago, its shares have outperformed the market with growth of 5.6 percent. The company attributes its solid Q3 to “cost savings, software performance and favorable other income and expense.”

Recently, the tech giant announced plans to cut its workforce by about 10 percent, which is close to 5,000 employees. This will amount to $1.5 billion in cost savings over the next three years and is expected to improve its margins.

The HPE server and storage division comprises of over 52 percent of HPE’s stock, according to Forbes. Of this amount, servers alone comprise 39 percent, while storage makes up 13 percent. The server market did well in 2017 Q2 because of hyperscale data centers implemented by Amazon and Google, and this has been reflected in the company’s performance. HPE has continued to see success despite an overall decrease in tier-1 server sales, primarily due to the popularity of its x86 servers and brand preference among enterprises. If they can translate this into the mid-range market, their success will be further compounded.

Due to the demand for flash and converged storage and the company’s latest foray into the SMB market, its revenues are expected to continue growth through 2024.