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IBM Z13s is a CIO’s Dream Cyberframe

Whatever you thought of IBM’s Mainframe in the past, throw your preconceived notions out the window. The Z13 processor represents a new level of communication for enterprise level businesses within the cloud. The Z13 mainframe is all about ramping up the memory, the cache enhancements and the bandwidth for improved performance no matter how complex the network. Here are just a few of the advantages that you can expect when you invest in the next generation of mainframe – the IBM Z13.

Eliminating the Lag in the Mobile Market

Although businesses put a premium on speed when doing commerce in the mobile space, the truth is that transactions could be even faster with a centralized node for processing. Currently, most mobile transactions involve multiple remote systems that must all work in tandem for the simplest of transactions. Between the mirrors and the redundant servers that must be constantly employed to ensure uptime, speed sometimes suffers. Centralizing this process creates the onus that the mobile market needs to continue its growth. IBM says that the new Z13 can process more than 2.5 billion transactions a day. This is exponentially more power than the busiest Cyber Monday requires.

Use as a Private Cloud

With the world’s fastest clocked microprocessor, 300 percent the memory capacity and twice the speed of ordinary server processors, the IBM Z13 has the firepower to function as a fully private cloud. Companies that are remiss to trust the cloud now have the control over the hardware of the platform while losing none of the features of an outsourced cloud solution.

The First Mobile Cyberframe

The IBM Z13 expands the mainframe market outside of the usual suspects of enterprise level retail, health care, finance and banking. Smaller industries now have the ability to harness the power of a mainframe, centralize operations and speed up their transactions to the level of their biggest international competitors. IBM believes this potential for expansion will singlehandedly prop up the dying market for mainframes.

Minimizing the Risk of Transferring Data

There is a legitimate concern that many business owners have with the risk of outsourcing data transfer. The IBM Z13 assures that transactions will be more secure and delivered on time with less of a chance of data leakage.

Opensource Innovations

The IBM Z13 is an opensource platform, meaning that you do not have to wait on IBM to update the feature set. You can count on developers from around the world to provide the IBM Z13 with consistent updates for any bugs they may find. Opensource platforms that catch widespread attention tend to provide outsized ROI for their hardware owners, as independent developers take a great pride in outdoing one another. Mainframe owners can also solicit updates for a huge discount.

Real Time Insights

There are very few things more important than analyzing data that comes through your network for speed and integrity. This process becomes much easier with the IBM Z13. The SAN Fabric Priority also improves the resilience of the data that you transfer to leakage and corruption.

The Specs

  • L1 Cache – 96 KB I-L1, 128 KB D-L1 per core
  • L2 Cache – 2 MB I-L2, 2 MB D-L2 per core
  • L3 Cache – 64 MB shared and implemented in eDRAM
  • Maximum CPU Clock Rate – 5 GHz
  • On board multi-channel DDR3 RAM memory controller

In addition to these amazing specs, the processor unit chip itself boasts 3.99 billion transistors with a maximum of eight cores possible. The chip can be separated into modules of single chips, a huge change that creates endless possibilities for opensource developers to speed along transactions as well as analyze and secure data. Rounding out the stellar feature set is two way simultaneous multi-threading, improved cryptography, data compression and logical partitioning.

The mainframe was very close to becoming a relic, but the Z13 has revitalized the genre and given it new purpose in a world that would otherwise place miniature mobility above all else. The Z13 proves that there is still a place for the centralized, high end power broker that serves as the mother brain for companies who need proprietary intelligence and technology the most.