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Incorporating ARM Technology into New Lenovo Servers

New and refurbished Lenovo servers and Lenovo server parts - IT Xchange

Lenovo has taken an innovative step toward more efficient computing, with its February 17, 2015 announcement that the company has launched a joint venture to research ARM technology. In collaboration with the UK-based Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre, Lenovo intends to research ways to create a more energy-efficient server that is equipped to handle today’s demands for power, data, and space. 

The ARM-based server will be developed with the popular NeXtScale platform, which is a favorite among users with high-performance computing needs. Analytics workloads and large-scale cloud-based infrastructures, among other high-performance features, are the perfect areas in which to test the ARM-based server. Through this research, Lenovo and the STFC’s Hartree Centre hope to identify a realistic way to use ARM technology in its servers, which will ultimately deliver significant power savings for computer users across the globe.

Why ARM Technology?

ARM Technology has the potential to dramatically reduce the power output — and thereby, improve the energy efficiency — of computers. This computer architecture can reduce heat, cost, and power usage. Thanks to these appealing and far-reaching benefits, many technology devices, such as smartphones and tablets, have already embraced ARM technology. Finding a way to extend ARM technology into computers, however, requires more research. Reducing power consumption while simultaneously improving the performance of laptops can improve computing, which is why Lenovo has invested in this pivotal and innovative research.

Meeting Today’s Needs for new and refurbished Lenovo servers

Lenovo’s research in ARM technology has just begun; meaning the potential gains of this technology will not be seen by users in the short term. Companies like IT Xchange let businesses experience major reductions in long-term investments, with a variety of new and refurbished Lenovo servers and Lenovo server parts. Offers like these paired with the cost-saving benefits of ARM technology could be an ideal way for businesses to further cut back on IT spending while continuing to get the power and support needed from their hardware.