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IT Hardware Solutions for Businesses: IT Xchange Protects Your Investments

Technology is a critical component in any business, whether it’s a tiny start-up or a major corporation. Your business hardware solutions drive your ability to stay connected, store information, and collaborate on a daily basis, so it makes sense to want the most reliable, up to date hardware. But as innovative as technology can be, the speed at which it progresses these days can pose a major problem: how can your business afford to keep your IT hardware solutions current when next-generation hardware comes out every few months?

Since the lifecycle of most computing hardware is short, and newer product generations are constantly being developed, businesses have begun to focus on effectively extending the life of the equipment they already have. This need led to the creation of our innovative Options Continuation Programs with IBM OCP and Lenovo OCP in 1999, which allows IT Xchange to extend the availability of discontinued hardware options, extending the total life of the equipment.

With the recent steady upswing in the economy, many businesses have seen growth and an increase in IT spending. The recent explosion of handheld devices and the push to prepare for mobile computing has led to many small-medium sized businesses to become more strategic about their mobile spending, and many have adopted a “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) approach. While the BYOD strategy has some advantages – such as allowing more room for spending in other facets of IT – businesses have identified the problems associated with it, namely security and malware susceptibility.

The SMB Group reports that 85% of SMBs with increasing IT budgets expect revenue growth in 2013, while only 38% of SMBs with flat IT budgets expect growth. As mentioned above, data protection spending is forecasted to increase. In 2013, data backup is forecasted to increase 55%, security spending 50%, server virtualization 34%, and desktop virtualization 36%. Moreover, the trend of revenue driving spending has steadily increased over traditional capital budgeting strategies. But as technology develops so must CIOs’ approach to spending, leading many companies to seek cost-effective new but previous-generation, or refurbished IT hardware solutions.

Server hardware is some of the most costly IT investments for companies. As businesses grow, they are faced with the need to seek out stronger and more reliable networking hardware that will keep up with their requirements. Because servers are some of the most expensive IT hardware, cost-conscious solutions become more important than ever. For years, IT Xchange’s range of servers and server options has given businesses the ability to scale and configure server needs as they grow. Affordability and flexibility in hardware investment has become an essential asset in the technology industry that makes services like those of IT Xchange so valuable.

Since the first personal computer was introduced in 1981, the world of technology has been a place of constant growth and change. Massive desktop clunkers turned into portable laptops, which became progressively thinner and lighter and eventually evolved into today’s modern lightweight tablet PCs – in fact, mobile technology like tablets are expected to overtake desktop use by 2014! Companies like IT Xchange and our OCPs provide affordable alternatives to spending thousands of dollars on brand new equipment every few years.