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IT Lifecycle Management: Buy New or Certified Refurbished Computers?

Buy Certified Refurbished Computers

In today’s technologically focused times, IT lifecycle management is an important consideration for businesses from a variety of industries. Ensuring that your hardware remains up to date is essential to maximize the efficiency of your operations. As a result, developing hardware lifecycle guidelines can help your organization manage the replacement of computers and other hardware. 

IT Lifecycle Management Basics

IT lifecycle management is a detailed process that requires your IT department to, first, identify the life of a piece of hardware. Then, the department must determine when it wants to replace that hardware, which will likely occur before the computer is on its last legs. Your organization may choose to replace hardware on a rolling basis, which allows you to spread out technology costs throughout your fiscal year.

IT lifecycle management is advantageous for several reasons. First, it allows your organization to plan for technology costs. Rather than simply allowing hardware to run as long as it can, you can identify, through this management process, when your employees will need new computers and plan for this expense. As a result, the cost of technology can be more easily and thoughtfully incorporated into your annual costs.

This process also allows you to explore your organization’s unique technology needs. While some organizations may rely on the latest technology — and thus require shorter lifecycles for their hardware — others may benefit from using older models, which can be a more cost-effective option that boosts the company’s bottom line without impacting its overall efficiency.

New vs. Certified Refurbished Computers

The IT lifecycle management process requires a variety of considerations. In addition to evaluating how frequently your organization needs to invest in new computers, you also must consider the type of computers that meet your needs and fit into your budget. Comparing the specifications and costs associated with both new and certified refurbished computers will help your IT team determine the best option for the organization.

While new computers boast the latest technology, these features may not necessarily be important for your organization. A certified refurbished computer from a value-added reseller can be a suitable option. During the planning stage of your IT lifecycle management process, consider the types of computers that your organization demands. If a slightly older model, one that still features the speed, memory, and software that your employees require to work successfully, meets your specifications, securing certified refurbished computers for your organization may be one of your IT lifecycle management goals.


IT lifecycle management allows you to broadly evaluate your organization’s hardware needs and create a specific plan for updating hardware. In addition to identifying the shelf life and replacement plans for your computers, determining the type of hardware you need is also important. Securing certified refurbished computers with the help of IT XChange can help you achieve your lifecycle management goals.