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Looking for Cheap Computer Towers? Deals You Can’t Beat

Whether you are an IT buyer for your company or a VAR looking to acquire computers that you can easily resell for a profit, you’ll find that traditional desktops continue to be a necessary staple in almost any office. One of the main goals when you are working on a tight budget, however, is to find the best deals on computers that are still able to get common tasks done well. You’ll find a wide array of cheap computer towers when you partner with IT Xchange and browse our selection of Dell OptiPlex and Lenovo ThinkCentre computers.

Dell OptiPlex Series

Cheap computer towers - Dell OptiPlex series at IT Xchange

The Dell OptiPlex series has been a staple of the office environment for more than a decade. These desktops are known for their functionality and long-term reliability. Regardless of the size of your business, it’s easy to find OptiPlex computers that will enhance employee productivity. Known as the industry’s most manageable desktop, these computers are streamlined and easy to use. They also feature top-of-the-line security solutions that will protect your company’s most important data. Models sold by IT Xchange include:

  • OptiPlex GX620
  • OptiPlex GX755 
  • OptiPlex GX760 
  • OptiPlex GX780
  • OptiPlex GX960
  • OptiPlex GX990

and more.

Lenovo ThinkCentre M Series

Cheap computer towers - Lenovo ThinkCentre M series at IT Xchange

The world’s largest PC manufacturer is trusted by businesses across the globe. The Lenovo ThinkCentre M series is known for its stability and power. You’ll benefit from advanced processors and customizable RAM and storage options that allow you to perfectly tailor these towers to your needs. Lenovo’s energy-saving computers are also especially appealing to companies that are trying to be greener. Among the ThinkCentre M series computers sold by IT Xchange, you’ll find:

  • ThinkCentre M58e 
  • ThinkCentre M58p 
  • ThinkCentre M70e 
  • ThinkCentre M90p 

and more.

Workhorse desktop computers might be essential to the operation of your business, but they don’t have to break your budget. At IT Xchange, we always have a wide assortment of cheap computer towers available.