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Looking for Used IBM Parts? Check This First

IBM server technology has historically been one of the most sought-after brands in the world. In more recent years they’ve taken less of a focus on hardware and even sold off their System X line to Lenovo. But that doesn’t mean that IBM servers aren’t still being used. Not by a long shot. Even IBM’s discontinued System X servers remain in the secondary market, and are being utilized in infrastructures ranging from enterprises to the U.S. government.

That being said, there is still a great need for IBM server parts to keep these machines functioning within existing infrastructures. When organizations aren’t quite ready for a refresh and want to give their initial investment more longevity, they may look to simply replace parts instead of buying an entirely new machine. To gain even more savings, they may look to buy “used” IBM server parts. This is an absolutely acceptable way to save an organization plenty of money, but there are some things to watch out for while shopping for refurbished parts.

Reseller Reputation Vital

The quality of refurbished server parts will vary widely, so you’ll want to purchase from a reseller with plenty of experience and a good reputation. A trustworthy reseller will test parts to ensure they work, and will be upfront on the condition of the parts before a purchase is made.

You’ll also want to check if there is a warranty available for the parts. Most upstanding resellers will provide their own warranty to accompany the product they sell, even when the OEM warranty has expired.

Options Continuation Programs

At IT Xchange, we have an actual partnership with IBM and Lenovo called the Options Continuations Program, or OCP. The OCP was developed almost 20 years ago in an effort to help customers lower their total cost of ownership, or TCO. It is a part of the IBM Lifecycle Care family of asset management and investment protection. We not only provide parts for servers to help extend the life of your IT infrastructure, we provide access to hardware that has been withdrawn from the market. So, while we have plenty of used and refurbished equipment, we also have new equipment that has just been discontinued. Resellers and their customers have found this useful in redeploying legacy systems into new roles, and expanding current systems without having to spend more on software or systems certification.

All of our equipment, including server parts, are tested before they are delivered to ensure they are functioning properly. We also provide warranties with our products, which vary according to the condition of the item. Our products come in 10 different conditions, from brand new, factory sealed equipment from a recently discontinued product line, to refurbished and used equipment. Every product has a condition code, providing an upfront explanation on the state of the product to ensure it will meet the needs of the customer.

It also helps that we have extremely competitive pricing, often the lowest that you will find in the market.

So, if you’re shopping for used IBM server parts, be sure to stop by our store, or contact our customer support team if you can’t find the part number you seek. It may be that we are out of stock and will be getting more of that product soon. We also have bulk pricing for customers seeking larger purchases, so be sure to ask.

At IT Xchange, you will find all of the quality requirements you need in a reseller of IBM server parts – a solid reputation, pre-tested product, warranties, transparent communication and accurate product description. Still have question? Contact us today to see how we can help your organization with your, or your customers IBM server needs.