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Reducing CAPEX with Certified Refurbished Computers

Certified refurbished computers reduce CAPEX

Technology costs can take a big bite of a new business’ budget. Capital expenses can soar when you’re launching a new business, and the cost of computers might be at the top of your list of expenses. Combined with the cost of software licenses for each piece of hardware you purchase, technology-related expenses for business might simply be too much for startups to handle. However, reducing CAPEX is achievable with a willingness to rethink your company’s technology needs.

Fortunately, reassessing these needs doesn’t mean eliminating those necessary pieces of technology. Instead, startup businesses should consider refurbished computers to cut down on costs without sacrificing technology needs. Refurbished computers can come with all of the components software your business needs to thrive, all at a substantially lower cost. The Economic Times reports that business owners can save more than 50% on technology expenses when opting to purchase refurbished computers instead of new ones. 

Even more, purchasing a refurbished computer can result in software savings as well. The Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher Program partners with a variety of individual refurbishers to ensure that these rebuilt computers are equipped with Microsoft software that includes Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Skype. These authorized refurbishers, then, market their rebuilt, software-equipped computers to small business owners like you. 

Thanks to such refurbisher programs like Microsoft’s, small business owners without a lot of startup capital don’t have to rely on outdated technology or face a lack of technological hardware as their business launches. Refurbished computers are the perfect offering for new businesses. Saving money on technology frees up capital to spend on other important aspects of the business, from hiring qualified personnel to advertising products and services to build a client base. Considering refurbished computers for businesses, then, can be a smart decision that sets new companies off on the right foot.