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Refreshed X1 Lineup Thrills Tech Industry Reviewers

Renowned for its business appeal, nothing beats the ThinkPad Lenovo series. It was only last year when Lenovo revamped its ThinkPad X1 Lineup with a slimmer profile and the latest-gen Intel chipsets. The company has refreshed its ThinkPad X1 series to look even more sophisticated impressing the industry reviewers at the last year’s CES. The new Lenovo ThinkPad, X1 series models, are crammed with features such as integrated far-field microphones, microSIM card slots, and e-SIM tech.

The X1 Carbon and the X1 Yoga will be the first personal computers to support screen featuring Dolby’s Vision High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology and a webcam with built-in privacy features. As such, you can look good when working and enjoy premium content at its best. And to top it up, this year’s refreshes on the X1 series brings about more vibrant colors placing Lenovo high up among the competitors.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga (Updated 2018)

Both the ThinkPad X1 Yoga and ThinkPad X1 Carbon come with a soft touch that offers them a more premium and a sturdy feel just like their predecessors. That’s despite being a few pounds compared to the last year’s models.

Yoga combines excellent looks, tech, and design. The new model will retain the current 14-inches size, a 360-degree hinge and an incorporated stylus for drawing. This year, Lenovo will update the CPU from the 7th-Gen Kaby Lake to 8th Gen Kaby Lake-R to feature four cores and eight threads.

The second-generation Yoga had a few glaring flaws that the manufacturer noted in the old model and addressed. Aside from fingerprint authentication, the modified third-gen Yoga now allows users to unlock using the optional IR Camera Windows Hello Facial Recognition. Such a feature that allows you to unlock your laptop without the need to touch is a game-changer. Besides, it has a physical shutter designed to guarantee your privacy when not in use such that others cannot view your work.

Also, the screen has undergone a significant upgrade and now offers high dynamic range 2560×1440 display. It’s now capable of sporting the high 100-percent the Adobe RDB color space and up to 500 units of peak brightness. Don’t forget the new improved 360-degree far field array microphones. Finally, the Yoga will support work voice.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (Refreshed 2018)

The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is your option if you love what Yoga has to offer but would prefer a machine with a conventional hinge. The new 6th-Gen Carbon promises most of the modifications notable in Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga.

It’ll feature an ultra-bright screen capable of outputting 500 units of brightness for that extra peak brightness. Besides, it has a lovely non-reflective matte screen that will guarantee a clear view of the content even when viewed from the outside.

And to make it more business-suited, the laptop comes with several ports spread across the body. We now have an SD-card slot and the two-USB-C/Thunderbolt that comes positioned close the Ethernet port.

For more privacy, ThinkPad features a switch named ThinkShutter that obscures the lens away from view as you work. It’s an excellent property that’ll always block the nosy colleagues from eavesdropping. With the large size, the battery should last approximately 15 hours although it’ll drop slightly if you use the integrated 4GE/LTE.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet (Revamped 2018)

If you’re a fan of tablets, you should check out the X1 Tablet, which has undergone hard to ignore modifications. The kickstand tablet has a keyboard cover that’s detachable. It comes with an SD-card slot and two USB-C Thunderbolt just like the laptops.

Although the X1 tablet is slightly smaller with a 13-inch screen compared to the Carbon and Yoga, it compensates for the size with the high resolution of 3000×2000. According to Lenovo, the X1 Tablet is ‘HDR ready.’ A quick look at the screen shows bright and vivid colors.

Like the Carbon and Yoga laptops, the tablet will receive an upgrade to Kaby Lake-R. What’s more, it’s been refreshed to support the Windows Hello Facial Recognition. This feature allows you to unlock by simply facing the tablet. Besides, the Tablet comes with an integrated stylus that allows you to draw on the screen. It can detect over 2,048 levels of pressure to enable you to make precise drawings.

The Bottom Line on the ThinkPad X1 Upgrades in 2018

Without a doubt, the year 2018 offers more refreshes on the ThinkPad X1 series compared to last year. The processor upgrade from Kaby Lake to Kaby Lake-R promises even more powerful machines. Thanks to the Think Shutter new feature, you’re a step away from enjoying maximum privacy. Plus, nothing can beat the creative Window Hello Facial Recognition Features. The high resolution and ultra-bright non-reflective screen promise a clear view of the content.

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