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Refurbished Lenovo Laptops for VARs

Refurbished Lenovo laptops at IT Xchange

As a value added reseller, your number one business goal is to find a way to get the best return on your investment when reselling products to your end users. Often, this process involves acquiring new equipment, then adding either hardware or software to create your own bundles. However, what many VARs do not realize is that the same process can be done just as effectively (and often more profitably) using reconditioned equipment. In fact you may be able to take advantage of short product lifecycles and open up a whole new facet of your business by offering refurbished equipment acquired through dependable partners.

IT lifecycle management is one of the toughest tasks for most IT hardware managers because technology is progressing almost too quickly for businesses to keep up with. With most systems, manufacturers operate on 6 to 9-month lifecycles. Due to this short lifespan, the average company may find that their current systems are no longer being produced and support no longer offered when they need to perform maintenance or find replacements. Most IT users do not necessarily require the newest technology in order to conduct business, and it is much more economical to regularly maintain solid equipment than pay to upgrade to the newest model every year. But because of the short shelf life of hardware and its parts, IT managers are often left scrambling as they try to find equipment that has been discontinued or is constrained.

There are companies, like IT Xchange, who provide services to combat the disconnect and eliminate the hassle. With services designed to make a major difference in VAR’s future profitability, we maintain working relationships with Tier 1 manufacturers so that we can continue to refurbish older products once they’ve been discontinued. We even provide parts and options for the discontinued items through our IBM OCP and Lenovo Options Continuation Programs. One of our goals is to help our buyers set up schedules tracking he best time to acquire systems based on the expected lifecycle timeline – virtually guaranteeing lower costs.

As a VAR, you can use this relationship to buy products like refurbished Lenovo laptops in bulk now, and then have them in stock when the products have been discontinued, because you know your customers will still need them. Some of our top refurbished Lenovo laptops currently include the ThinkPad T510, ThinkPad X1 Carbon, ThinkPad X220, and ThinkPad T420. However, our value extends further – here, you can also find desktops, tablets, servers, and options and upgrades for all of the above.

In any business relationship, it’s important that you only work with reputable partners, and at IT Xchange we stand behind our refurbished merchandise. A range of different refurbishment levels also dictates our prices and helps determine how much potential profit you stand to make from resale. If you have never considered how high quality certified refurbished hardware could benefit your VAR, consider contacting IT Xchange to discuss establishing a partnership and find out how our refurbishment process can save your business time, resources, and money.