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Selling Refurbished Lenovo Computers in Today’s Hardware Market

Refurbished Lenovo Computers - Desktops

The IT purchasing process has gone through some major changes over the last decade. While most companies once told their employees exactly which computers they would be using, businesses today often involve employees in the decisions much more actively. As a result, it can be difficult for VARs and other solution providers to assemble the simple and straightforward product boxes they once offered. IT teams might also struggle to find a great deal on solutions unless they can hone in on the needs of employees in advance and create a list of approved devices that meet those needs.

End users are more tech-savvy today than they’ve ever been before, so IT teams will often get specific requests from employees as to the specs of the computers and other devices they would like to be using in the office. Device manufacturers are responding to this shift by offering even more customizable products–both on the higher end and the lower end. As a seller of Lenovo hardware in this market, it’s important that you take a step back and analyze how you can sustainably address the typical IT lifecycle. For many VARs, considering refurbished machines might actually be the best choice.

If your customers (and their end users) are calling for higher-end machines, then you might not be able to provide particularly low prices on brand new hardware. Refurbished Lenovo computers, on the other hand, can be purchased more affordably while still having plenty of time left before they become obsolete. Services like the Lenovo Options Continuations Program offered by IT Xchange ensure that you can continue to capitalize on your investment even as products start to age and are discontinued by the manufacturer. By taking advantage of this type of program, you can ensure that the IT lifecycle isn’t impacted by the latest market trends. You may also be able to create Lenovo product solutions that have a much greater appeal to IT buyers, and create a more positive, memorable shopping experience that will keep your customers coming back in the future.