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Smart Business Shoppers Opt for Discontinued Laptops

Discontinued laptops at IT Xchange 

Whether you are an IT administrator for a small business or a VAR that sells products primarily to businesses, budget is inevitably going to be a major consideration with every purchase you make. Business laptops today tend to be relatively similar to consumer models, but they have a few features that make them more rugged and more desirable for professional use. Unfortunately, you might not always find that your budget allows for the purchase of the brand new, cutting-edge laptops you might prefer to buy. Rather than settling, many smart business shoppers realize that discontinued laptops actually provide the best possible value and can increase the overall return on each dollar spent.

Affordable business laptops today can actually be relatively powerful machines. 4GB of RAM are practically an industry standard, while a typical 500GB hard drive should give the average employee plenty of storage space. Budget computers do tend to lag behind a little when it comes to their processor speeds and batteries, however, which means that a base model might not be hearty enough for you if you are going to be using the computer for graphics-heavy tasks. In this case, you will likely get more bang for your buck by opting for a discontinued computer.

Today, the major manufacturers like IBM, Lenovo, and Dell come out with updated laptop models several times each year, but the differences between the brand new computers and the models they replace is often negligible. Once computers have been discontinued by the manufacturer, they will usually plummet in price even though they are still very high-quality machines. 

When you decide to buy discontinued laptops for your business from a trusted seller like IT Xchange, you can be sure that you will receive top-notch products. We sell both new and factory recertified computers through Options Continuation Programs (OCPs) with Lenovo ( OCP ) and IBM ( OCP ) that are endorsed by some of the largest manufacturers in the world. In addition to stocking computers and parts up to five years after they reach the end of the manufacturer’s lifecycle, we also offer industry-leading warranties that will protect your investment in the long term. Even if you choose to pay for extended coverage, you can be almost sure that the price of your high-end discontinued laptop will be lower than new “budget” laptops direct from the manufacturer. 

Partner with IT Xchange today to see how you can make your budget go further.