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Sourcing Obsolete Parts for a Customer? Let Us Help.

IT Xchange customers have access to withdrawn and discontinued hardware from top manufacturers.

Because computer technology evolves so rapidly, useful computer and manufacturing parts can become obsolete in the blink of an eye. Sourcing for these obsolete parts can be an incredibly time-consuming and frustrating process, especially for individual organizations who don’t have the experience or resources to efficiently locate and procure these parts. Both large industrial companies and small commercial companies rely on changing technology to produce the high-quality products their customers deserve, and our company works to serve them, whether they’re looking to upgrade or replace existing parts. 

At IT Xchange, parts sourcing is our specialty. In addition to the expertise we’ve been cultivating since our inception, we are a resource to warehouses worldwide for new, discontinued, constrained, and refurbished technology. Because of this, we are able to upgrade, maintain, and expand existing platforms. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with options that take into consideration their specific needs, not the needs of other companies like them. In addition to sourcing obsolete products, we also service parts that are no longer available through the primary channels. 

Here are just a few reasons to choose IT Xchange.

In-Depth, Specialized Knowledge

  • There’s no substitute for experience, and at IT Xchange, there’s no shortage of experienced salespeople and technicians to assist you in making the best decision for your company. Expertise is important when it comes to technology.
  • We can help you make tough decisions about the replacement and upgrade choices that make the most sense for your business model. Efficiency doesn’t always require the newest technology, and we understand the lifecycle of products and how that influences costs and availability.
  • Because of all this, IT Xchange can be a great resource for helping you choose the option that makes the most long-term financial sense. We can help you choose the optimum point in the technology lifecycle in order to substantially reduce your IT investment.

Global Connections

  • When it comes to sourcing obsolete parts, nothing is more important than having the proper connections. We source globally with Tier 1 manufacturers to stock and source the discontinued, constrained, and refurbished products your company needs.
  • At IT Xchange, we’re currently shipping to approximately 85 countries worldwide.
  • We work with Fed Ex for integrated shipping and customs clearance, and we use an automatic customs documentation generating program to take care of all of the logistics of borderless shipping.

Quality Customer Service and Tech Support

  • At IT Xchange, we offer 24/7 online ordering and real-time inventory searches, so you’ll always know what’s available, when it’s available.
  • Because of our global initiative, our prices can be viewed in multiple currencies, which means the price should always be clear to our customers, both for the products and for the shipping of these products.
  •  We understand that problems and questions can come up at any time, so we offer Live Online Support and an Online Help Desk for our customers worldwide.
  • Because we live in such a fast-paced world, we understand the importance of speed, which is why we offer one-day shipping and drop shipping for approved business partners.