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System X in Lenovo’s Hands: New and Refurbished IBM Server Parts

Lenovo System X Server Parts Available to Buy or Rent

Over the last several years, Lenovo has consistently made all the right moves to establish itself as a major player in the worldwide PC market. With its relatively recent acquisition of the IBM System X server division, however, the Chinese manufacturer began making strides to transcend its few remaining limitations and truly create a “one-stop shop” for all the electronics that businesses need to operate. 

Now that IBM System X servers are in Lenovo’s hands, the company may be able to create a synergy that hasn’t been seen since IBM’s original heyday 50 years ago.

Almost all servers used to be local, but rising costs and decreasing functionality spurred a major change. For years now, companies have been transitioning the bulk of their mass storage and data processing to the cloud via expensive services offered by Amazon and Google. Given the option to switch back to on-premises servers that seamlessly interface with devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones, however, many businesses will gladly choose a comparatively inexpensive local option over the costly cloud-based alternatives. 

With Lenovo’s broad product line, it may be the only company that can successfully mimic the IBM model that was incredibly popular in the early days of mass computing.

If you are interested in transitioning your company’s equipment, you may be able to save a bundle by shopping the new and refurbished IBM server parts available from IT Xchange. For those companies looking to try out the technology, or with customers seeking to try out a model before before making a major investment, we also give businesses the opportunity to rent IBM System X servers through ITX rental services. These Lenovo/IBM products promise to usher in a new era of networking, data storage, and interaction between client devices, and it’s easy to harness the power of these servers across your company.