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The Coolest Ways Companies are Using IBM Watson

Although Artificial Intelligence remains a relatively new idea, it is becoming famous in different parts of the world. For experts, the mention of artificial intelligence is synonymous to IBM Watson. The cognitive computing system developed by IBM is the most prevalent example of artificial intelligence in the modern world.

The platform makes use of machine learning and natural language processing to reveal critical insights as well as massive volumes of unstructured data stored in data warehouses. The benefits associated with the use of IBM Watson cannot be underestimated; it has already been touted as the future of finance, healthcare, science, and even governments.

In this article, we look at some of the coolest ways companies are utilizing IBM Watson around the globe.


IBM Watson is already helping consumers react to various products and services in a unique way that has never been seen before. According to Kent Deverell, the co-founder of Fluid Inc, a company that is utilizing IBM Watson’s development platform in its cloud computing, the innovation is already revolutionizing how consumers shop for various services and products. He says that a considerable number of shoppers avoid buying specific brands since they lack confidence in selecting particular brands without the advice of experienced sales associates.

Deverell says that a large number of companies are already using Fluid’s service known as FluidXPS which is mainly powered by IBM Watson. The system is capable of engaging shoppers through dialogue and educates the shopper efficiently on the kind of products they should buy based on their needs. 

In Vehicles with Onstar

A partnership between IBM and GM has seen the integration of Watson with Onstar which delivers a unique and personalized experience to drivers expanding the Onstar AtYourService experience. It has increased the delivery of personalized content to drivers.

For example, the system can remind the driver to pick your favorite chocolate bar from your favorite store before you exit on the highway and can also provide drink recommendation depending on the area you’re driving in. It is expected that additional capabilities will soon be added to the system to expand its scope and improve its accuracy.

Talking to Children through their Toys

Internet-connected toys are using the Watson technology to answer questions, tell jokes, tell stories and create a unique personality over time depending on how the kid interacts with the toy. Watson can help the children in spelling, mathematics, and rhyming plus much more. The idea of coming up with smart toys for children was first discussed at CogniToys. The company proposed the use of natural language processing and artificial intelligence to develop toys that could interact with kids. According to Don Coolridge, the creator of the smart toys, older kids tend to be more practical with the toys asking it more practical questions about their school homework.

Finance Department

Many organizations have also deployed IBM Watson in their finance departments a move that is facilitated by its question and answer capabilities. IBM Watson doesn’t only answer questions but can also analyze the queries and provide useful financial guidance hence managing business risks.

For instance, ANZ, a company based in Australia is already using the Watson engagement advisor tool to observe and analyze customer queries. On the other hand, DBS bank based in Singapore is utilizing IBM Watson in ensuring that its clients receive proper advice and experience in wealth management.

Music Production

Music producers and artists are also utilizing Watson in making their music. For example, Grammy-Award winning music producer Alex Da Kid uses Watson in analyzing popular pop music and culture texts over the past few years.

The system was able to discover vital patterns between various keys, genres, and progressions which helped the artist to complete an award-winning project. The artist even used the models determined to bring in emotional insights in his song titled Not Easy.

Healthcare Sector

Cafewell Concierge service is an app that collects and collates all the important health information and brings it to your doorstep. The app which was developed by Welltok Inc, a health organization based in Denver is powered by Watson. The app serves various needs depending on what the user requires.

 For example, an expectant mother can register through her health provider as an anonymous user and receive tips about healthy nutrition and physical exercises suitable to her condition. You can even use the app to locate restaurants with your preferred menu options if you’re on a diet depending on your location.

IBM Watson can be summarized as a super smart technology platform that incorporates the principles of natural language processing and machine learning to analyze enormous amounts of data and answer questions. Watson has already been integrated into different industries, and more companies are looking for ways of adapting the technology.

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