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The Pros of Buying a Recertified Laptop

Before of buying a new laptop consider a recertified laptop instead. Buying a re-certified computer may feel a little risky but it can be a smart and cost-efficient idea.

Recertified Laptop

What is a Recertified Laptop

Refurbished / Recertified laptops are devises that cannot be sold as “new” but are still perfectly fine.

Some of the reasons a laptop may be refurbished or recertified :

  • Canceled orders or returns which cannot be resold as new
  • Defective returns that have been fixed and retested
  • Items with small cosmetic defects like scratches or minor dents
  • The product incurred minor exterior damage from shipping
  • The product served as a demo unit on the floor of a storeroom or tradeshow
  • The product is an overstocked item not sold by the time the next generation became available.

Anyone who has ever worked in retail will tell you that devices are returned for a slew of reasons unrelated to defects. Most retailers commonly have a 30-day return policy for electronics, and returns often happen as a result of buyer’s remorse, or the customer found a better deal after the purchase was made, or the customer didn’t like some features.

Recertified MacBook

Recertifying Involves Quality Assurance Testing, Cleaning, and Repair if Required

If the laptop was faulty or damaged, a typical refurbishment process would include repairs or replacement of the faulty components.

Then the laptop is re-tested to ensure the entire computer functions correctly again. Such laptops cannot legally be sold as ‘new’ items, and so they are returned to the market as a ‘recertified’ and sold at a discounted price.

In some cases, a ‘re-certified’ laptop may not have even been opened; it may have simply been returned or the order canceled by the customer.

In these cases, the item is essentially new, but again, legally it may not be able to be sold as a ‘new’ item so it makes its way to the ‘refurbished’ shelf for resale. Keep an eye out for these deals, which are often referred to as ‘open box’.

The Pros of Getting a Recertified Laptop:

  • You get a high-quality computer at a discounted price just because it’s no longer legally considered ‘new’
  • Most refurbished computers may not have ever been faulty to begin with. A good number are simply returns due to buyer’s remorse
  • The hardware in the units will have been tested more extensively than their ‘new’ counterparts – so the chances of you getting a faulty unit are lowered
  • The laptops are protected by the seller’s warranty
  • Less environmental impact as items are not dumped

Should you buy a Recertified Laptop

The main concern when buying a recertified laptop is finding a reputable company that deals with all the testing and processes. A good re-certified technology company will have partnered with the big laptop developers such as IBM or Lenovo to have the most popular models of laptops.

That is what we do at IT Xchange and you can contact us to find out about all our recertified laptops.