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The Rise of Lenovo in the Technology Industry | Recertified Lenovo Laptops at IT Xchange

The world’s top-selling PC manufacturer rose to prominence quietly, and took most people in the Western world by surprise. Lenovo was founded in 1984 and quickly became a market leader in its home country. But its sudden growth over the last few years helped it surpass other major manufacturers like Dell, Acer, and – most recently – HP on a global scale. The company has always been something of a unique entity, and its business model is essentially unmatched by any other major corporation in the world.

While working for the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi and a few colleagues were able to secure a small amount of funding to start the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Technology Research Institute New Technology Development Co. – which was later renamed Legend and eventually became Lenovo in 2004. Liu passed control of the PC division to current Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing in the early ’90s, and the company started to develop a reputation for insisting on cutting-edge developments at all times.

Speed has always been paramount at Lenovo, and the company’s executives demand that the latest components are added to its computers as soon as they are developed. This insistence on staying ahead of the game is one of the many reasons why Lenovo has become the go-to brand for businesses, professionals, and technology resellers – Lenovo has earned their trust for quality and ability to quickly meet industry demands.

In fact, it is because of that trust and high quality that IT Xchange carries tons of Lenovo gear in our inventory. Even in our offices, you will find ThinkPads and ThinkVisions across every desk – and they’ve been helping us, and our customers get the job done for years. Lenovo is an industry leader in business technology, and the company’s hardware could make a major difference in any company’s productivity. You can find a wide range of recertified Lenovo laptops, desktops and tablets at IT Xchange – enabling you to purchase cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

As Lenovo continues to expand and acquire new branches, IT Xchange will remain an unfaltering source of both recertified new and discontinued Lenovo products and parts for customers. Browse and shop online to access our full inventory of Lenovo products, or ask us about our Lenovo Options Continuation Program to help you or your customers maintain older model Lenovo gear.