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VAR Viability: How Resellers Can Improve Their Return on Technology

In an industry as competitive as computers, savings and profits go hand-in-hand. The more your company can cut costs without affecting product quality, the lower your prices can be, allowing you to attract more customers. IT Xchange is committed to helping value-added resellers (VARs) cut costs and improve profits. Partnering with us will allow you to:

Reclaim ROI

Although advances in technology are the lifeblood of the computer industry, they can occur too quickly for VARs to properly take advantage of. Often, a company will spend months of their time and thousands of dollars testing a product to see if it will work for their business. Once the tests are over, however, the product in question has been replaced by a new version, and the old version is no longer available. All of the time and money spent testing the product has thus gone to waste.

To eliminate such waste, IT Xchange runs the Options Continuation Program for Lenovo and Options Continuation Program for IBM. We keep old equipment and parts available from the last five years, ensuring that no product your customers need is inaccessible. We also keep system accessories and upgrades in stock, allowing you to modernize an old system through mild upgrades rather than having to replace it with a new system. IT Xchange is committed to ensuring that not a single dollar of research money is wasted and not a single good system is discarded before its time.

Open Up Sales Options

Even the most efficient old system can’t last forever, and while the OCPs can keep your equipment viable for a long time, sooner or later you’ll have to replace it. VARs often assume that obsolete equipment has little value, selling it to the first buyer who makes an offer. Just because a product is no longer useful to you, however, does not mean that other companies will not be able to profit from it, and thus might be willing to offer a much higher price. The IT Xchange sales team actively looks for these buyers, searching across the globe for the best price possible. This minimizes the expense of decommissioning old equipment, leaving you with more money to invest in your business.

Save on Supplies

By maintaining an international sales team, not only can IT Xchange earn you more money for your old equipment, but it can also help you save on parts and supplies. We keep a large supply of used, obsolete, and discontinued products, as well as parts and equipment that have been overproduced and over-stocked. These parts are available at considerably lower prices than new ones, and often work just as well. We are committed to finding you the best price possible for any new equipment without any sacrifices in quality.

IT Xchange works with government offices, manufacturers, financial firms, computer companies, and a wide range of businesses across nearly every industry. For more on the benefits of partnering with us, contact your local sales team today.