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VMAX 250F: Mid-Market Storage Solution by Dell EMC

There is a new member of the Dell EMC family. The Dell EMC VMAX 250F is a data storage solution that is so much more—and one of the biggest surprises is that it offers so many services at such a fair price. This system is enterprise-class All-Flash storage that is much more affordable than most of us would expect. This new system has inline compression which will increase storage efficiency, doesn’t blow things up during data transfer, and it offers a hierarchy of stored items so what is most important is made most accessible. There are many other positives about the Dell EMC VMAX 250F system.

Dell has experience with All Flash arrays, and Dell has a history of delivering high performance, now they offer that same expertise in providing storage for companies or groups with smaller budgets. But even though the costs are lower, the expectations do not need to be. Expectations can remain high, and no one will be disappointed by the outcome.

Some things the VMAX 250F Offers:

  • This system promises performance and availability, to go along with data services that people expect from these Dell storage, and especially the VMAX family of storage arrays.
  • IT pros will love the scalability as this 250F system is based on the Dell EMC V- Brick system, and each of the 250F V-Brick starts at 11TB and can scale up to 1 PB.
  • This storage system is also very powerful. It can scale up to 1 PB of effective capacity and it has over one million IOPS with sub-millisecond responses.  The system supports the industry’s latest 7.6TB and 15 TB enterprise flash drives. Storage with a system this size should not be a problem!
  • Most of us are limited by the amount of actual physical space we have, and VMAX 250F is compact to help tackle that problem. When fully configured, with 64 host ports, a two V-Brick system needs just 30U of spaces which means it can fit in half a standard rack.
  • With an expansive catalog of VMAX data services, including inline compression, this system is very efficient.
  • The VMAX 250F is part of the XpectMore program which offers those who participate a lifetime of protection and three year money back guarantee, which makes a great deal even better.

Things You Can Expect

VMAX is part of the HYPERMAX operating system. HYPERMAX offers inline compression that allows customers to target workloads that are able to benefit the most from compression. This even includes data that comes from a time prior to the new HYPERMAX updates. The new way Dell is able to offer inline compression and data reduction capabilities deliver reduced footprint and cost savings compared to not using data reduction.

It just takes three steps for HYPERMAX to deliver a simplified and non-disruptive data migration from earlier generations of VMAX arrays. HYPERMAX allows users to migrate live application data and to revert to the source, all without disrupting work and data.

One way to reduce some costs even more is the HYPERMAX updates to SRDF/Metro. No more hardware will be required. Instead they offer a virtual witness used to deliver an active/and an active data center. The SRFD/Metro updates also include third site supports to make disaster recover easier, even over greater distances at another site.

Imagine saving 65% in data migration costs. When users take advantage of Intelligent Data Mobility and use it with Non-Disruptive Migration which is found in HYPERMAX, the expenses of data migration are decreased by that much. Another benefit of VMAX 250F is award winning customer service which provides support while you own the product, and it offers access to new capabilities like MyService360 which can help deliver a personalized visualization of the health and wellness of the Dell DMC.

By taking advantage of these proactive health checkups for the system, the system can proactively keep an eye on availability and capacity. This helps eliminate nasty surprises from the system. Data can also be placed in a hierarchy so primary storage space can be saved for more “important” items.

Other Advantages

The EMC says that the VMAX can deliver millions of iOPS and sustains under a millisecond. This is for read/write workloads and it is while supporting up to 150GBs of bandwidth. The VMAX can also support important systems and applications without making the IT team sweat it out. The system can also support VMware, Oracle, OpenStack, and Microsoft, as well as other applications. 

Many people and businesses should find the Dell EMC VMAX 250F exciting for the opportunities it offers to buy into the game at a fair and moderate price, while still offering the kind of service anyone needs from storage. Data is appropriately protected, data migration doesn’t disrupt business, and the information stored is kept safe. This is a system worth looking in to.