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We Have Dual-Core Processors, Quad-Core, Octa-Core….18-Core?

Dual core processors, quad cores, octo cores and more at IT Xchange

Intel’s Innovative Processor

Intel recently released a processor featuring an impressive 18 cores – the Xeon E7 v3. This large of a processor is ideal only for enterprise workstation and server environments, offering impressive real-time analytics, which allows businesses to assess and respond to various types of data effectively and efficiently. The Xeon E7 v3 is said to be Intel’s answer to IBM’s latest POWER 8 processors — both are aimed at “mission critical” servers.

Intel’s 18-core processor promises a 40 percent performance improvement from the previous model — achieving 20 performance world records along the way. This processor boasts improvements in business performance application (6x as fast) and enhanced security & reliability features (boosted cryptographic performance and new RAS features that address the “five nines” availability for mission-critical applications). 

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What Size Processor Do You Need?

If you require this kind of computing power, definitely come talk to us. For more modest requirements, we have plenty of options available to purchase right now in our store. At IT Xchange, you can discover multi-core processors from trusted brands that include IBM, Lenovo, and many more. It may be that a dual-core processor might be ideal or quad-core may be more suitable, although we do have powerful octo-core options available as well. Here, you can find dozens of Intel dual-core processors, making it simple to find one that suits your business’ unique needs. You can choose from new or refurbished options that fits within your IT budget. 

When you visit IT Xchange for quad-core and dual-core processors, you will enjoy the benefits of a 90-day warranty as well as on-call customer service here to help you with your new purchase.