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What can the Options Continuation Program do for your business?

Find out how the Lenovo and IBM Options Continuation Programs can benefit your business

A business can go through months of testing before deciding on the best platform for their needs. Then, after expending hours of valuable time and resources, come to find out that the winning platform has been withdrawn by the manufacturer in lieu of a new model. It happens frequently, and is undeniably one of the biggest frustrations of IT departments trying help keep a business’s total cost of ownership (TCO) under control. For discontinued and constrained hardware, options, upgrades and accessories are tough to find and can be exorbitantly priced.

The average mid-sized business spends about 4-5% of their revenue on IT. Budget constraints require IT departments to choose wisely, effectively, and economically when it comes to company platforms. This often means opting for hardware that may not be brand new, but gets the job done (and does it well).

The IT Xchange Options Continuation Program launched in 1999 with a simple mission: Make it simpler to access hardware and options no longer marketed by the manufacturer, and eliminate the logistical nightmare you deal with when your customers need discontinued hardware.

Consider your own business expenses. Are you spending too much on IT? You don’t have to.

What do the Options Continuation Programs offer?

Proprietary IBM OCP and Lenovo OCP Options. We handle both New and Refurbished (with warranty) products. Our inventory of discontinued options covers the last 1-5 years of the manufacturers’ technology offerings.

How does it operate?

We operate like any other distributor. Through our OCPs, businesses get an assigned account representative who will work with out clients one-on-one regarding all needs and concerns. Clients also get net terms account, blind-drop shipping, same-day shipping, and more.

What are the benefits?

Benefit: Excellent option for business budgets.
Why? Our array of available product conditions means that a customer can choose the product and condition that fits their budget and their requirements, maximizing the value of their investment.

Benefit: Discontinued and constrained parts are more accessible.
How? Products that are no longer being marketed by the manufacturer are difficult to find, and your customers usually end up overpaying upon finding these items. Our prices are competitive to allow margin opportunities for our customers, and our service is client-centric, which makes the Program a valuable resource. Through these services, we eliminate the stress on your business that comes along with not being able to supply the discontinued hardware that your customers need.

Benefit: Helps you protect your customers’ IT investments.
How? ITX has a full range of products available as part of the Programs to help support their existing IT infrastructures. Customers are able to ‘protect’ their existing equipment from becoming obsolete by providing options to keep the hardware running longer.

Benefit: IT Xchange’s OCP representatives are highly customer focused and knowledgeable about our products.
Why? Customers reach out to their ITX representative with the model number of the device they are looking to upgrade. ITX reps work personally to guide the customer to exactly what they need, and then provide you with options for available solutions, conditions, and prices.