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What You Can Do with Refurbished Server Parts

There might be many reasons businesses need to update their servers. They might need the capacity to do things faster. They need more space. They need better security. Once the update is made, the next problem is to determine what to do with the old server. Just throwing it out in the dumpster and hoping the trash company doesn’t notice is not a good option. In addition to the toxic parts of a computer that shouldn’t be put in a landfill, an old server can be used.

What to Do with Old Servers and Other Old Computing Equipment

One of the first things you should do is have your IT department create an inventory of the parts you have that might prove useful later. If your IT folks are not certain about what should be kept, there are different venues that can take a list of old servers and old computers, take the technical information and determine what will most likely be usable in the future, and what won’t. This inventory is useful for two things – the computer can be torn down to useful bits, thus saving space, and an inventory saves a great amount of time and money because those who need to know will have a resource to tell them where a part is – or if a needed part is on the premises.

Use the Old Computer

Also, keep in mind that often a replacement of a server and certainly many computers are not necessary. Many people – even those who think of technology as something to use and for someone else to fix, can remember when the difference between how quickly an old computer and a new computer to load a program felt astronomical. Now, there is probably a 5% difference from one year’s computer to the next, that 5% cannot be detected on the average watch. Sometimes a new screen and a new keyboard are all that are needed to make everyone happy. Especially the people watching the bottom line.

Take Someone Else’s Used Stuff to Make Your Own Good Stuff

Sometimes businesses get so worried about malware, ransomware, or something else evil happening to their network that they think they have to do something about that. Often, the only thing they can think of is to get newer. Get newer machines, get newer servers, get newer everything and it must be safer.

Many small businesses make their own servers, and they can use some refurbished parts, or they can use refurbished parts for the entire endeavor. This can save money and put fewer things into the landfill, and often, the company that is using refurbished parts gets an improved tool compared to what they had before, and it will likely cost a fraction compared to buying new.

All used, or only using some refurbished parts is a great thing for most smaller or medium sized businesses to consider, but they can be especially useful for startups who need to watch their bottom lines. When creating an entry level enterprise ensure that the refurbished parts will function as needed. A new business may not become an old business if the server crashes or is easily hacked. Used might mean less expensive, but make certain that it does not equate to lesser quality.

Gaming System or Other Entertainment

You can also take an old computer or server and stream songs on it at home or work so you can use your work (or game) computer for the things you need to use it for. You can also take a computer and spend just a little money on it and turn it into a great gaming only computer. You can find advice on how to turn an old desktop or laptop computer into a gaming system that will blow the doors off most gaming systems for as little as $150 or $200. The same computer that might be too slow for work, might be just what you didn’t know you were looking for once it is no longer used for anything other than gaming.

You’ll need to get a new graphics card (probably), and a new motherboard, and you’ll probably be ready to go from there. Even if you don’t know how to make this conversion on your own, there are lots of gamers out there who love to make these conversions who might do the work for all but free just because they want the challenge to try to make a machine as good as their last build.

Don’t hesitate to try to find uses for older computers and CPUs. They can make your own or another business more efficient after parts have been refurbished. They can also be turned into super gaming machines that often cost much less than a new gaming computer would cost. No matter the use, get your money’s worth out of your computer, even the one you’re going to get rid of. If you’re looking for a place to find reliable refurbished server parts, be sure to partner with a trusted vendor. IT Xchange specializes in hard-to-find PC and server parts from top manufacturers. Due to our strong relationships with OEMs, we proudly work with resellers, brokers and more to bring only the best refurbished server parts to their customers and clients.